Help raise medical funds for parents

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Help raise medical funds for parents

Hello, I’m Bhanavi Arora, a caregiver to my parents ailing with end-stage chronic illnesses (since 2013). Unfortunately, I lost them both recently. I had shared my story previously on the 21st September 2017; a day before my mother passed away, for raising funds towards her then-ongoing post-op treatment. The response I received was overwhelming and I’m grateful to those who have already contributed. I and my family have suffered from an emotional and financial setback and while we cope with the irreplaceable loss of our dear ones, we need your help raise funds that will be utilized to pay back a portion of our loans taken towards their care and treatment. My mother was diagnosed with a chronic autoimmune liver disease that rapidly worsened over past six months. Post several frequent hospitalizations and multiple living-related donor check-ups, that were rejected, we were waiting for a magic spell. I had my mother registered on the Tamil Nadu Network of Organ Sharing since May after which we found a suitable deceased donor in Trichy, Tamil Nadu. The liver transplant took place on September 5th but much to our dismay, given to her poor pre-op condition, she experienced severe post-surgical trauma resulting in prolonged ICU care. We had an insurance policy to partially support the treatment, where, the liver transplant package cost INR 25 lacs inclusive of 7 days ICU and 14 days ward. When she passed away we had been in the ICU for 16 days; on additional support for acute kidney failure, sepsis, and procedures like tracheostomy. These procedures were listed and billed separately by the hospital under exclusions from the package which meant that these were over and above the 25 Lacs. In turn, we received a final approved amount of INR 23 lacs from the insurance company. We have already exhausted our financial reserves and healthcare loans to support my father’s treatment who was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in December 2013, followed by a year-long treatment. However, in July 2016, there was a relapse and he was declared terminally ill. He was on chemotherapy when he finally left us to be in a better place in August 2017. However with no window to replenish our resources and a long list of bills, it has been difficult to keep up. We were able to settle the hospitalization bill partly through insurance and rest coupled with more loans from family and friends. As of now, our current outstanding loans towards my father’s care and treatment are amounting to a massive 40 lacs. Which is why in good faith, I’m asking for help in raising 15 lacs towards settling the loans towards hospitalization and out-of-pocket expenses primarily incurred for my mother’s palliative care and treatment over the last 2-3 months. Thank you (Additional information regarding the full set of bills and line of treatment can be provided.)


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