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Help the Cow

Summary In India Cows are treated as God by Hindu Community. In Rural areas, People, Partially illiterate, Use to shelter the cows mainly for milk production. They are Practising the ancient method for providing food and health hygiene to those innocent animals. They treated them as productive tools not as a creature. So when the cows get hearted use to release them quickly from shelter or sell them to slaughter house. Our organisation with the view to serve the animal has taken up a project to provide shelter What is the issue, problem, or challenge? The fundamental problem is in adequate fund. We are facing day by day the great challenge for providing food and proper treatment to the cows. Not only that sometimes we are unable to pay the workers and thus their family also suffering. But our organisation have been giving the best to overcome it. Fact is that if we can continue this project, the overall brutal view of the community to the animals will be changed. We have taken 125 animals under our roof where we are giving them treatment, food. How will this project solve this problem? Obviously the project will solve the problem of unsheltered cows. by side by side by side meet the economic crisis of the common people in this locality. With this Nobel project employment will be generated and the income will be extended.We have already made eight pits of vermin compost to meet the requirement of Bio-Fertilizer to the local small farmers. The local mass will be inspired to engaged with this project.Also we are looking for donors to prepare a Bio-Gas project. Potential Long Term Impact It is true that their is a long term effect of the project if it is going on long run properly. With our Go-Seva(serve to cows) we will be able to make them feed again. Cows will move, Cows will yield again. They themselves generate the money to meet their daily requirements. Also the people and their family engaged with this project will be able to paste the cream. The dimension of socio-economic pattern will be changed.


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