"Medical Help for my husband - Removal of Right Lungs"

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Sindhu Sidhanandan



"Medical Help for my husband - Removal of Right Lungs"

I am Sindhu, wife of Joson Moses (35 years); my husband got admitted at Bhavsar hospital, Bhandup (W) on 16th June 2016 due to serious breathlessness at night and was operated same night and Chest tube insertion was done . He was in critical stage and was again operated in Sahayog nursing home Thane (W) and window surgery was done to save his life; and now currently my husbands right lungs got damaged because of infections and doctor has told for an operation which should be done as early as possible (in 10 to 15 days time) - removal of right lung or my husband cant survive and left lungs will also get infected. With lot of difficulties going from people to people is almost like begging but many people helped, selling of all ornaments plus loan, etc have raised about 5 lacs rupees all went for this purpose and nothing left. I am not able to continue with my part time job owing to this and we have three kids in the age group 3,5,7 years, we are living in a small rental shelter. The whole life is extremely difficult and seems to be dark and the doctor indicated this operation needs 3.5 lakhs. It is needless to say I am looking for help and miracles to happen. Will be ever grateful.


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