Winter donation Campaign - to support Gurukul Old Age Home at Rangpuri

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Winter donation Campaign - to support Gurukul Old Age Home at Rangpuri

Friends ! Please join us to make this donation campaign a success, we are running this campaign for poor people living in Gurukul Old Age Home at Rangpuri New Delhi. A small contribution of any of the below item/amount of money, would be a great help for these deprived people to stay happy during this cruel season of cold. Any amount of money/Warm clothes/Old Clothes, Shoes, boots, blankets, packet food, quilts, baby clothes (clean, new or old in good condition). For any assistance, you may call Ms Nutan 9910080212/Ms Maheshwari 9958871829. Please do share this massage with your friends, colleagues and family to bring everyone together. Thanks in advance !


You may support this campaign and pay through NEFT by adding the fundraiser to your bank account using the below information or by mailing a check as per the details provided by the fundraiser.

We are committed to transparency and compliance and that's why we do not touch the cash and ensure that money reaches to your account straight away.

For any query or help, please feel free to contact us at 9810338387 or write an email at

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