We are India’s largest online campaigning platform, we connect people who support a common cause and bring everyone together to make an impact on our society or someone’s life.

We make creating an online campaign incredibly easy. In less than a minute, you will be able to setup your page and start sharing and create a large community in your support which is not possible physically.

Our Platform, people, advice and integration with Face book and other social media make your work simple and easy.



Raise For Help

Raiseforhelp Unlimited

Create as many Social campaigns as you want. Free of cost.

Raise For Help

Rich, Innovative Feature

Managing campaigns or fundraisers is easy, most innovative and modern online platform equipped with social media tool and lot more…

Raise For Help

All Devices

Raiseforhelp works well on mobile, desktop and tablets.

Raise For Help

Secure Systems

Secure, compliant and scalable platform. Rest assured.

Raise For Help

Creative, Fun Experience

Run campaign for great causes and having fun while doing it. We’ll help you to make it more fun and engaging.

Raise For Help

Modern Messaging and Networking tool

Built for social to maximize sharing, connecting and networking.


How does your NGO/Charity get the Money?

You receive donations through net banking, check or direct in your account through your own payment gateway straight away. In either case, Raiseforhelp doesn’t touch the cash. This is really important and a key benefit to the system we developed.

We are committed to transparency and compliance and that's one of the main reasons why the biggest non-profits/Charity and events in India prefer Raiseforhelp.com.

Almost all other crowd funding websites receive donations in their own account first, deduct 6 to 15% amount and takes 5 -10 days time to further credit the amount in your account.

Why should Your NGO/Charity use Raiseforhelp?

Raiseforhelp is meant to complement your NGO/Charity's website. Online fundraising is the fastest growing segment of personal giving and Raiseforhelp can help you tap into this rapidly growing market in unique, value-added ways. Our job is: -


To give you an extremely easy, customizable platform to create compelling fundraising campaigns that raise new money for your Organization. You reach out to a large community network via social media.


To reduce the time and cost of fund raising for your NGO/Charity.


To provide a turn-key solution for empowering your base of donors, supporters, and volunteers to raise money for your Charity. Supporters connect you with their network of new contacts and increase the number of potential donors. So you raise more funds.


To help you tap into the younger demographic through social media by making it fun.


To help you spread more awareness for your NGO/Trust and cause through social media.

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